Lessons restart on Monday 30th August. 2021

Half-term holiday: Monday 18th October through Friday 29th October 2021

Last day of term: Friday 17th December 2021

Lessons at following locations during school year:

Monday: Route des Sendys 3, 1273 Arzier-Le Muids
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday: Arzier and at your home
Thursday: Domaine de Bois-Bougy, Avenue de Bois-Bougy, 1260 Nyon

For further information, please don't hesitate to give me a call +41.79.478.26.11

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Feel like learning the piano for your own enjoyment?

If learning the piano has always been your dream, contrary to popular belief it’s never too late – or too early - to start. And if you already have a background in piano playing, why not take it up again from a new perspective?

If this strikes a chord somewhere, perhaps now is the time to discover (or rediscover) the pleasures of learning the piano.

Experienced teacher with an international background offers lessons in English, French and Spanish based on a fresh approach towards learning classical music, drawing on both traditional and innovative methods. The same skills may be applied to a wide choice of musical styles.

Emphasis at all levels is placed on developing listening ability, sensitivity of touch, musical understanding and expression.

Individual lessons for all ages and all levels, beginners or advanced, daytimes and evenings. Summer lessons on demand.
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Photographie © Wally Perrusset

My Fees

6 x individual lessons 60 minutes (adults)
by appointment
Fr. 540.-
(or 3 x
Fr. 180.-)  

Individual lessons (adults or children)
45 minutes 1 x week

Fr. 750.-
per term
(or 3 x
Fr. 250.-)  
Introduction to piano and theory
45 minutes 1 x week
Fr. 840.-
(or 3 x
Fr. 280.-)  
Piano and music theory
(option available for children)
30 minutes 1 x week
Fr. 540.-
per term
(or 3 x
Fr. 180.-)  
Summer lessons on demand